1963 - 2023 : 60th anniversary !

Welcome to the website dedicated to Victoria, the faithful 1963 Land Rover SIIA 2.25L petrol, based around Zürich (ZH), in wonderful Switzerland.

Starting its life in 1963 on a farm in Avenches (VD), the car was daily used as a workhorse around the region. After 30 years of tough duties of all kinds, failing its Swiss MOT, it was exported to France as a non-runner, where it was grossly restored a first time and soon registered back on the road.

That is when, at the age of 18, straight after passing my driving license in 1996, it was love at first sight: I purchased it as my first daily driver. I became its second owner and the lovely little Landi was nicknamed Victoria.

Moving in 2006 to Switzerland, the car coincidentally relocated to its "home Swiss home".

Driven as a family car around Zürich, all year long including salty winters, Victoria was once again struck by the Swiss MOT in 2018 for the second time in its life, and for the same good old reason: rust-through chassis !

Brought to Belgium on a flat-bed truck in 2019, the car underwent a full restoration at Series Forever until 2022.

Finally... returning to Switzerland, Victoria is back to its former glory among its family.

All in all ? A very typical Land Rover life !

From an used and abused farmer's do-it-all motor, to a family daily.
Victoria turning 60 years young in 2023, it will surely continue to enjoy its purposeful life, active member of a family who never hesitates to jump in for a ride.


4 cylinders 2.25 L petrol (3MB) with SP95 compatible cylinder head, Zenith carburetor and electronic ignition, delivering an outstanding 52kW 67hp@4'000rpm and 163 Nm@2000rpm


4 FWD 1 RWD. The 1st gear, 2nd gear and Rearward are non synchromesh. Low gear (crawling) engaged through manual operation (red knob)

Chassis frame

Steel original ladder frame chassis, 88" short wheelbase. Extensively restored: 1994 and 2022


Body panels are made of aluminum alloy. Colors: 1963-1994: original pastel green. 1994-2021: pink beige.
Since 2022: marine blue.


Parabolic springs (non genuine) on original axles. Rear wheel drive, unless front axle is manually engaged: 4WD in both high/low gear (yellow knob)


Max speed: 95 km/h with back wind. Average fuel consumption: 12 L/100km. Tank capacity: 45 liters.
Acceleration 0-100km/h: 7 min 15 sec

Recent Photos

A selection of Victoria's most recent pictures