Stainless steel petrol tank

From the Resto-Mod department

Victoria unusually colored fuel tank must be hiding some interesting features.

Original Land Rover built petrol tanks were bullet proof. The original one mounted on Victoria started to leak only in the late 90's, means almost 40 years from new. The excellent steel used in the 60's is only part of the equation. Another part is the thickness of it: the tank was weighting probably twice as what a modern refabrication weighs.
Cheap and easy to source tanks are everywhere today (luckily) but don't expect them to last. The issue is not only the trouble of having to change them every 10 years, easy enough with very good access. The more troublesome issue is that, before you realise it, the consequent inner rust might have damaged the mechanical fuel pump too, in despite of its decantation glass bowl.

Least but not last, petrol today include a part of ethanol, which means water: this accelerates the steel rust and side effects.

To stop these problems, Victoria had the chance to get a stainless steel hand crafted tank, built on order in the South-West of France. Too often, refabrication are approximately sized, leading to fitting issues, or looking bad. This one has the side embossed cross, just like the genuine tank, that makes it look as it should. Brilliant addition.

More pictures below.