Listen, it is not fun anymore. Because you can mix a Land with a Range... you will just get one remonstrance, one bad point and three prayers "Father God". But if you now mix a Land Rover with a Land Cruiser, it is a crime. A Land Rover is a common sight from our countryside, so british, smelling the bier, the dig peat, the fresh rain... A Land Rover is close to be an Aston Martin.

And what is a Land Cruiser ? It is japanese ! It stinks the salted fish, humid rice, dark mushrooms and algae ! Oh yes, of course the Land CRUISER name is so close to the Land ROVER name juste because japanese are also the inventors of, never forget that, the photocopier. To puzzle the Customers, they branded (ans still do) their first vehicle Land Cruiser instead of Rover. Honestly, is that not a piracy act ?

Ok, let's move forward and let's see how to distinguish them from our beloved Land Rover. So that you never commit this error again. Never.

Differences are easy to find. A Toyota does NOT smell hot oil inside the cockpit. A Toyota has no oil drops below gearboxes and engine. No oil pool on the ground neither. No petrol vapor smell under the bonnet. Another easy check: a Land Cruiser shows very often a high milage, very often more than 300,000km (which is just not possible on a Land Rover: what a lack of elegance).

You can recognise an old Land Cruiser by its holes in the bodyshape, almost everywhere. Which is not existing on a Land Rover thanks to the aluminium body.

Bouh, pas beau. Berk...

Important warning: when you drive a Land Rover, the natural greetings or thumb up is reserved to Land Rover owners. You will very often see Toyota drivers (or other japanese) looking at you, waiting for a little sign from your side. Unfortunately, you know well that they could die but never receive this sign of recognition from you. That's life.

Unless... unless they have a Land Rover badge somewhere (never seen) or really look friendly (mud, herbs, scares, adventure galery, handsome ladies... your choice) they could eventually receive a sign from a Land Rover... depends if we are in a good mood.

If you now think you can manage to distinguish both, you can leave in peace. If not, be careful, oldman.