A carburetor story

Victoria's 2 1/4 petrol engine ran on almost all the carbs that exist on the market !

The SIIA Land Rover was to be chosen between two engines: the traditional petrol one and the newly diesel version, both sharing the same block and capacity of 2.25 L. The petrol engine, of course, was fed by a carburetor.

The factory standard changed over the years.

The units mounted to 2.25L engines have in common the fact to be basic and uncomplicated items. On the other hand, they are causing number of problems, as their simple designs make them working in any condition... but often poorly.

Let's take a look at the different carbs that exist and that Victoria experienced in her long life.

Spoiler alert: this story is really about carburetors. If you don't share a strong interest into carbs' matters, just turn away before the harm is done. On the positive note, for each carburetor, you will have a nice typical Land Rover anecdote to discover. Up to you to continue or not !

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