A story of steel and rubber

Traction to the ground goes through the wheels: rims and rubbers

Tires are of the utmost importance on a car, and even more on a car driven out of the road. Through the very narrow surface that binds the car to the ground goes the whole power of the engine, hence the traction which allows the car to move as it should. Quite a challenge when the car must not only tackle dry and wet road, but in addition of that, dry and wet various terrains.

Tires have known dramatic improvements in the last decades. Their thread patterns, based on an always improving knowledge curve since the first lightweight 4x4 were produced after WW2, improved to become designs offering the best possible grip for each desired application.

On the other hand, safety becoming a criteria of choice, the materials, structure and production quality moved to the highest standards.

Finally, reliability of the tires produced today has nothing to do with the 60's tubed tires, very prone to punctures, since the tubeless was brought to the public.

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