A brief introduction to Land Rovers

Very brief actually because so many websites have been extensively writing about it.

  • The brand was funded in 1948, in England, as a fightback to the US Jeep hegemony.
  • The first Land Rover, later designated as the "Series One", was safer and slightly more sophisticated than a Jeep, which served as a model. It was soon followed by the SII / SIIA starting from 1958.
  • The Series Two is a complete redesign: chassis was all new, more power, more space, more cargo capacities. The dash remains at the center of the cockpit.

The chassis, body panels, engines, transmission remain unchanged when the SIII is introduced in 1971. The only changes are improved creature comfort (helped by the introduction of plastic components) and, visually, migrated headlamps, pushed to the wings with a plastic grille covering the radiator.

A major change in 1985 with the introduction of the 90/110/130 line. The design remains mostly unchanged but the mechanic and transmission are upgraded. Coil suspension, brake discs and modern engines are part of the new offer. The front panel is now flush with the wings.

The 90/110/130, later renamed Defender, will be produced until 2016: Land Rover then stopped producing off-road vehicles.