Big Meccano for grown-ups

For the generation who has known the Meccano toys...

  • It is a common saying that Land Rovers are like Meccano for grown ups. You can virtually disassemble any component of the car with simple tools without too much efforts (rust involvement excepted) or knowledge.
  • This means that Land Rovers can be fixed and modified quite easily, everywhere in the world, by almost anyone.
  • From the first Series 1 to the latest Defender produced in 2016, the same logic of parts bolted / riveted together apply. You even have parts that can be exchanged with no modification from the Series II (around 1960) up to the Defender (up to 2016) ! A quite unique feature in the automotive world that participate to the Land Rover legend. A concept of longevity and sustainability long forgotten these days where mechanic don't have the skills to repair, but only to replace a defective part with another, provided by the manufacturer.
All in all: the most visible aspect of it, is that you can very easily turn your Land Rover into any body configuration you want, only using common tools.

Victoria, as an example, was delivered in 1963 as a pick-up truck, being dismounted during summertime to become a fully-opened cabriolet, followed later by its opposite configuration, being fully enclosed using a full length hard-top to finally become  a full soft-top, with rolling panels on sides and back.

Actually, in 60 years, Victoria just experienced all of the versions she could have been turned into, with no exception !

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