1963 - 2023 : 60th anniversary !

Welcome to the website dedicated to Victoria, the faithful 1963 Land Rover SIIA 2.25L petrol, based around Zürich (ZH), in wonderful Switzerland.

Starting its life in 1963 on a farm in Avenches (VD), the car was daily used as a workhorse around the region. After 30 years of tough duties of all kinds, failing its Swiss MOT, it was exported to France as a non-runner by a Land Rover specialist, who grossly restored it and registered it back on the road.

This is when, at the age of 18, straight after passing my driving license in 1996, I purchased it as my first daily driver. I became its second owner and the lovely little Landi was nicknamed Victoria.

Moving to Switzerland in 2006, the car coincidentally relocated to its "home Swiss home".

Driven since then as a family car around Zürich, all year long including salty winters, Victoria was once again struck by the Swiss MOT in 2018 for the second time in its life, and for the same good old reason: rust-through chassis !

Brought to Belgium on a flat-bed truck in 2019, the car underwent a full restoration at Series Forever until 2022.

Finally... returning to Switzerland, Victoria is back to its former glory among its family.

From an used and abused farmer's do-it-all motor, to a classic family daily.

Victoria turned 60 years young in 2023 and she will continue to enjoy her purposeful life, active member of a family who never hesitates to jump in for a ride.


4 cylinders 2.25 L petrol 3MB (SIIA genuine spec.) with SP95 compatible cylinder head, delivering an outstanding 52kW / 67hp@4'000rpm and 163 Nm@2000rpm.
Engine exchanged in 2009, from Automotive Components Remanufacturing in the UK.


4 gears forward. The 1st, 2nd and Rear gears are non synchromesh (SIIA genuine spec.). Low gear ratio engaged by pulling the red knob, giving 10 gears in total.
Gearboxes were purchased in 2009 from ACR in the UK.

Chassis frame

Original steel ladder frame chassis, 88" short wheelbase. Extensively restored twice: 1994 by Land01 and in 2022 by Series Forever.
Professionally rustproofed in/out.


Body panels made of aluminum alloy.
All panels were restored or replaced, then professionally painted in Marine Blue, in 2022.


Parabolic springs (non genuine, 2022) on original axles. Rear wheel drive. The front axle engages by pressing the yellow knob, to get 4WD in all gears.


The engine is fed by a Zenith carb. Martin Lawrie from FUGGLE's FETTLING built it on order in 2022, only using NOS parts. It is the best carb' to use on the 2.25L and a genuine sight under a SIIA bonnet.


The original radiator was rebuilt by a classic car radiator specialist in 2009.

Exhaust line

The exhaust full line, including end muffler, is of stainless-steel. It was purchased 25 years ago from Rimmer Bros, and is still doing the job.


Max speed: 95 km/h with back wind.
Average fuel consumption:
14 L/100km.


The front seats have hi-backrest and headrest. Not genuine, but safety comes first.

Seat belts

The car is equipped all round (7 seater) with seat belts (non genuine). The front seats use a specific aftermarket roll-bar to hold the seat belts upper points.


Like the rest of the car, the bulkhead was completely repaired in 2022 by Series Forever. It has received extensive rust protection before being paint in Marine Blue.

Capstan winch

A collector item ! A FAIREY AUTOMOTIVE capstan winch is installed on a dedicated galvanised plate, bolted to the chassis frame on riv-nuts.

DUNLOP tires

Soft and vintage looking 750x16 DUNLOP Qualifier (new 2022). Rims have been painted in Marine Blue matching color (genuine look should be Limestone white).


In order to provide a flawless spark, a LUMENITION electronic ignition was installed by Richard STOLZ ROSTFREI. Never get stuck with worn points anymore !

Leather steering wheel

The covering of the steering wheel is made of leather. This prevents your hands to be blacked in wet mornings from the melting old Bakelite.


During the full restoration by Series Forever in 2022, the clutch was replaced, including master cylinder. Ready for a few decades of driving...

Heated windscreens

For safe drives in the winter cold mornings, the car has two aftermarket heated windscreens, by Ricky Evans Motorsport. De-icing was never so easy !

Petrol tank

A unique "built on order" petrol tank (45 liters) made out of stainless steel, but retaining the original design, including the side embossed cross. Finally, rust will never block the petrol pipes ever again !

Stopping power

Richard STOLZ ROSTFREI services the brakes regularly. The car brakes straight and amazingly strong (for an old Land Rover !). Handbrake locks the transmission itself.

Dynamo to alternator

Cheap dynamos, of poor quality, failing too many times, were replaced by a OEM Land Rover alternator in 2022, delivering plenty and stable supply of electricity.


Richard  STOLZ ROSTFREI, successfully takes the car through the tough Swiss MOT ( Motorfahrzeugkontrolle), every 2 years.


History documented: a letter dated 1996 from the Swiss farmer, first owner when new in 1963, is available, writing about the first 30 years of the car. Documents and invoices are all available since 1996.

Grease, oil and service

Richard STOLZ ROSTFREI, services the car regularly (gearboxes, engine, transmission).

Recent Photos

A selection of Victoria's most recent pictures